About Us

The Waterproof Man


The Waterproof Man is a family run company with over 20 years experience. Our approach is one of quality and value for money.

If we get involved with a project at early stages, our technical design advice can ensure that the waterproofing works in conjunction with the surrounding building not in spite of it.

We can maintain control over our workmanship because all our applicators are company employees, not sub contractors or franchisees.

They are all quality motivated, highly trained individuals. That is why our projects stay waterproof and we get the repeat business year after year.

Our services range from basements, retaining walls, ponds and planters to internal wet areas, balconies and rooftops.

We also are highly successful at damp proofing, remedial waterproofing of basement areas and also sealing of walls (masonry and lightweight) prior to cladding or rendering. Call us today to discuss your Projects as our advice regarding preparation at the early stages could be crucial.

Mark & Sarah Wilson